CCTV “Go, Brazil Goal” Started in Beijing National Stadium

On March 3 2014, shooting ceremony of “Go Brazil Goal”, a program of CCTV large-scale documentary of 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, was held in the front square of Beijing National Stadium (Bird's Nest/Olympic Stadium), all the staff including crewmembers, host, sports and entertainment stars, and their suite all attended the ceremony. JAC S5 motorcade, as the designated vehicle in this program, also appeared neatly wearing the main color of world cup and would departure from National Stadium, officially starting the global football culture tour.

As the unique designated vehicle, the program staff will drive S5 to complete the world tour and film-shooting job within the coming three months. Because this program would travel across Europe, North America and South America three continents, visiting the Top 32 countries of World Cup Brazil, covering more than 50,000km, this tour is not only a great test for the people physical fitness and quality of work, but also a great challenge for the guaranteed vehicle- S5.

The S5 overseas guarantee motorcade has arrived at the gathering place in Europe, and JAC technicians has carried out a careful examine and repair for S5, including refitting tires, installing vehicle navigation, radio and other equipments. Moreover, they also made a test drive in advance in order to become familiar with the local roads and traffic regulations, planning the traffic routes, and making preparation for the emergency situations.

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