Tasting Holland Again by Driving JAC S5

The many days’ experience in Holland has already made JAC S5 motorcade members feel the unique charm of this country. Of course, Holland had scenery except football. Leaving away from the crowded and noisy cities and the passionate football, we came to the well-known tourist resorts in Holland---Zaanse Schans and Giethoorn on the occasion of leaving Holland to Germany, looking back and tasting the brilliant Holland.

Zaanse Schans is a resident-living and opening reserved area and museum, located 15km north of Amsterdam. The ancient architectural paints a vivid picture of life in Holland in 17th and18th centuries. The real house, the old shipyard, the performance of making clogs and windmills, attract tens of thousands of visitors every year. The windmill was the power source of the various industrial tasks in Holland, and the contributor of economic development in Holland. Under the ancient and tall windmill, S5 looks so exquisite and fashionable. As the products driving social development in two different times, the windmill in Holland and the S5 in China form a delightful contrast at this moment.

The name "Giethoorn" was born in 18th century. At that time, a group of coal-mining workers settled there, and their work made the local area form some waterways and lakes in different sizes. While in the process of coal mining daily, they also unearthed many horns except coal, therefore, they called there as “Giethoorn”, and this name has been reserved from that moment. Driving JAC S5, we could quietly enjoy the exotic scenery, and also let the foreign people to feel closely to Chinese cars.
Left the Zaanse Schans and Giethoorn, our S5 motorcade’s trip in Holland came to the end, then, we would drive to Germany, the country as powerful as the automotive industry and the national football, continuing to write the legend of S5 trip in Europe.

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