JAC ‘Go Brazil Goal’S5 Motorcade travels across The World Cup finalists 32 countries - Going deep into Italy to experience Bologna

Leaving Venice, we are traveling towards Italy hinterland-Bologna, which is a historic and cultural site as well as capital of Emilia-Romagna. Besides, Italy series A Bologna Football Club also lies here.

Talking about Bologna, what impressed me most is the well-protected ancient sites. It has many historic sites of Medieval period, Renaissance period and Baroque art, moreover, it is a world famous automobile city with top automobile companies such as Ducati Ferrari, Pagani, Lamborghini and so on. Besides, here lies a football team with one hundred years history, and now it is fighting for Italy series A.

The picture is their home field- Dada La stadium established in 1927.
Resting S5 casts beautiful reflection with the surrounding European Architecture; probably because of its Italy originate design. After a short rest in Bologna, we will move to Rome, Italy capital, where we will get together with CCTV to go to Società Sportiva Lazio and A.S Rome for the interview, at that time, secret and absolutely important football stars will be invited.
Let’s expect!

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